Thursday, May 24, 2012

Breaking up is hard to do... but it's harder when business is in the mix

This morning I heard myself refer to "my best friend" and I realized something had happened. I was speaking of a girl I went to high school with. This friend was my maid of honor and we live only about 2 hours apart, but we rarely talk, rarely email and the first time I met her daughter she was almost two.

A shift had occurred. I also realized it didn't make me sarod angry anymore because I have to take care of myself - which means recognizing when someone else is being cruel and unfair. The sad part is we have a small business on the line - a business I adore - and truthfully, my former friend has only chosen to take out her personal insecurities about our relationship in the setting of this business. When we are alone she pretends nothing has happened.

Also, I'm having a terrible day because I forgot to take my meds and I ran out of allergy eyedrops so my left eye REALLY hurts. Also I haven't heard back about a second interview for the job I really want.

Somedays you really just want a madman with a big blue box to show up and whisk you away.

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